The first efforts for the establishment of a Union which would represent the people in the profession of body psychotherapy in Greece, started in the early 90s.

On the 12th September 1995 the Greek Association for Body Psychotherapy (PESOPS) was founded in Athens, as a mature and necessary condition for the elevation and recognition of body psychotherapy in our country.


The founding members and the Board of PESOPS were graduates of the Reich Institute which had been constituted in 1978 by Klorida Loubrano Kotoula, who was a member of the first team founded in Naples, Italy by Reich’s Norwegian student and psychologist Ola Raknes.

For her contribution in promoting body psychotherapy in Greece and her long lasting scientific assistance, Klorida Loubrano Kotoula has been an honorary member of PESOPS and EABP since 2004.


Since its foundation, PESOPS takes an active part in creating the identity of the Body Psychotherapist in Greece, increasing its members and actions.

Some of the great achievements of the Union are: its recognition as a member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) in 1995, the organization of the 9th European Congress of Body Psychotherapy in 2004 in Greece (in Marathonas Attikis) where there was a big European and Greek participation. Also, its contribution in defining the criteria for being a psychotherapist, the active participation of its members in European and Greek congresses, the very successful organization of meetings and symposiums and its participation in all the institutional bodies of the profession in Greece.

PESOPS is a founding member of the National Association of Psychotherapy in Greece (NOPG), which has been representing the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) in Greece since 1998.